How to Use Facebook Groups to Sell Clothes Online

Thanks to Facebook Groups, you can now sell clothes online, promote your newest products, and attract customers with promotions and exclusive discounts!

If you have decided to sell clothes online, it is time to make a plan and decide where to sell all of your clothes. Whether it is new or used clothes, handmade clothes, vintage clothes, or expensive designer clothing, you can promote your products and sell them online to customers from all over the world.
You might be probably wondering What’s the best way to sell clothes online? Well, nowadays it is by using your ecommerce website (you can easily build your own online store by using ecommerce websites builders like Shopify) or by using the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

In this article, we will give you some friendly tips on how to use Facebook groups to sell your clothes online:

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➢ Post strong photos only:

The photos captured with your smartphone are fine, however, you need to make sure you can present the whole item. We recommend you to take your photos outside in order for you to get the best lighting. In case you have to shoot indoors, make sure to use proper light and flash. Also, get rid of additional clutter in the photo as this may distract the buyer. We also recommend you to most more than one image to show off the product.

➢ Write a good description:

We suppose you already know that you need to write a good description but you don’t have an idea of how important the description is. Describe the products you sell in a detailed and positive way. There are a few things that you must include in your description such as the number of items you sell, the condition of the product, price, age of product (this is especially important if you are selling old clothes), and dimensions.

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➢ Be honest:

Online purchasers appreciate honesty more than everything. In case you are selling used clothing online, you will lose credibility if you don’t tell the truth. If the dress has a stain, let people know about it.

➢ Keep prices reasonable:

You will never sell your clothes if the price is too high. It is also important to be flexible with the prices. In some cases, you might need to adjust the price for the product to sell. In this competitive business world, everybody wants a deal.

➢ Follow the rules:

Most groups on Facebook have rules so if you want to sell without a problem, we recommend you to follow the rules or else you might get banned from a group. The Facebook groups will govern what types of products you can sell and how to choose a buyer. If you follow the rules, you will sell more products on Facebook.

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In order for you to make your life easier, we recommend you to first create a Shopify store and then connect to Facebook and sell your products to billions of Facebook users. Building your own Shopify store takes a few minutes and you can integrate your store with the Facebook business page in 3-4 clicks. In a matter of minutes, you will have a fully integrated Facebook store. The customers can easily browse your items and collections using the Shop Section on your Facebook Page.
The Facebook shop has been designed with mobile shoppers in mind. It is easy to set up. You can just add your products to Facebook, enter product details, photos, and the inventory will automatically sync as soon as you update your Shopify store.

You will connect with your customers instantly, grow your reach, grow your community, and leverage promos and giveaways! Get started with Shopify and Facebook now!

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