How to create a good logo for your clothing brand

Branding and logo design go hand in hand. People don’t only look at the quality of the garments you sell but also the brand. No one will take your clothing line serious if you don’t do proper branding and marketing. There is a whole science behind a logo design that you would take a course in college to understand.

Research and brainstorm

The most crucial step for designing a good logo is to research and brainstorm. You can never create a perfect logo without research and brainstorming. The first thing is to think of a concept. A logo is just as important as a brand name. It is important to look through your audience eyes and understand what they perceive when they look at your brand. The golden rule with logo design is to keep it simple and appealing. You can think of some of the most recognizable logos such as Nike, FedEx, and Apple. These are very simple logos, but they are recognizable and respected.


The second step is to make a few choices. Do you want to design a graphic logo; do you want a logo that utilizes custom typography? You should sketch everything you think of.


You can use computer software to design a good logo. Computer apps will help you resize your logo and polish it. If you want to sketch a graphical logo, you can use the pen tool to do that. Be as precise as possible. If you want to draw a straight line, make sure the line is straight. Zoom in your logo and try to visualize how it would look on a poster. The messy details shouldn’t be visible even if you zoom in. The logo should be simpler and cleaner.


After designing your logo, it is essential to ask for people’s opinions. You can get opinions of veteran logo designers and even pay them to polish your logo for you. If most people don’t like your logo, then you will have to go back to the drawing board and design another logo. You can even hire a professional and give them your ideas so that they can come up with a better logo that meets your needs. Sometimes, the simplest logos get the best response. Your logo can be appealing to most people, but it may not be the best logo to represent your brand.