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How to take photos of clothes to sell online

Taking photos of your clothes to sell online is not tricky. But still, you should have enough skills for the job to ensure you show the necessary details. We have compiled useful professional tips to help you take high-quality photos that will attract people to buy your clothes.

Use Mannequin/dummy

When it comes to product images, it is essential to display a product in a more realistic form. This is valuable for the customers. Customers can’t try on online products, and they may be hesitant to buy products because they can’t imagine how the cloth will look on them. You can use a mannequin to give realistic human shape to your material. It is easy to dress the mannequin so you shouldn’t worry about that. After taking the photo, try to remove the background to allow the customer to concentrate on the product.

It is crucial to avoid using mannequin with amputated arms unless if it is something strapless. It will be difficult to give the empty sleeves of your cloth a realistic form while editing.

Hire a model

Hiring a model is more costly than using a mannequin, and you will have to find a model that is available. This can be difficult for you. However, models can strike any pose, and they can work with any angle that makes your piece flattering. This will help you create the best in-context shot for your dress. Most online shops use models because the models represent their target customer.

Show the details

Showing details such as the texture of the cloth is not easy. It is therefore essential to complement the fabric with close-up shots to capture the stitching, tags, patterns, and buttons. Try to capture anything that you think makes the garment more interesting.

Ghost mannequin’s effects

Ghost mannequin’s effects can make your garment to look like it is being worn by an invisible person. You can do this by showing small sections of the inside of the cloth. This gives your product a 3D form. Ghost images don’t require a model you can use a mannequin but the process of capturing ghost images is not easy, but it is worth it.

Use props

You can use tools and props to make the product fit the model or the mannequin better. If the garment is larger than your mannequin or model, you can pin the loose portions at the back with a clip.

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